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There are many positions you can use the swing, you are only limited by your imagination.  We have some pictures to suggest some ideas.  Let us know if you have some of your own that are not listed here.  We will get pictures on here to show whatever we learn!  Click on any image below and see a full sized picture.  Then use your Back button on the browser to return to this page.

Lower the swing and climb on top for mutual oral satisfaction. 

But you can stand up for oral too!


This is a great position if the lady has bad knees or is uncomfortable getting on top in the bed. 

The man lies on the floor, and you can actually perform the chinese basket trick.

Throw the stirrups up over the bar, and then put your feet in.  It tilts the pelvis for a different angle of penetration.

Nothing like a good ole' fashioned hug!  It's also a great way for deeper penetration.


Place a pillow in the swing for comfort.

Have him get in the swing!  Just pull up a stool and get comfy!

Then it's her turn!



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