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Everybody enjoys making love. Young people, old people, people of all ages in between; heavy people, thin people, tall ones and short ones. Whether your style is rough, rowdy, tender, or tacky, we all enjoy it.

We all have our own way of going about it, too. As soft and gentle as a butterfly fluttering through a field of wildflowers or as rough and tumble as Monday Night Wrestling. Dressed to the nines or in our birthday suit, with accessories or without. Standing, sitting, reclining, side by side, on top on the bottom, backwards, frontwards...there are books full of ways to "do it."

But often we spend way too much energy supporting our weight or our partner's, or the knees, arms, or back are exhausted before our passion is. After all, it's difficult to be amorous when your back is in knots, you're getting crushed by your partner's weight, or your knees or backside are getting rug burns. And this is why you need The Swing.

With The Swing you or your partner are suspended at the perfect height to make love either standing or in those tricky positions that normally hurt your knees or back. Moving your partner is effortless... So is changing positions on the fly.

Create your own positions! Let your imagination run wild. The Swing makes it possible. You'll find you last longer, enjoy yourself more completely, and not have a backache afterwards!


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